Live in Style Concierge OjaiLeslie Gache / Founder

The founder of Live In Style Concierge, Leslie Gache, understands the demands of achieving a balance with work and life. Live In Style Concierge  is aimed at visitors and homeowners who want to spend their time enjoying life while letting professionals handle time-consuming tasks.

Through her work as an award winning film and television producer/editor and her years of extensive travel, Leslie has gained the valuable knowledge of concierge services needed to launch this unique business.

After over 25 years in the entertainment industry, Leslie’s unmatched attention to detail has been honed by managing and overseeing demanding production schedules with the strictest of deadlines. Along with her entertainment background, her years living abroad provide the rich experience and professionalism that weave together to form the tapestry of the creative services that make up Live In Style Concierge.  Leslie’s skills in organizing, planning, and managing multi-faceted projects, combined with her infectious positive attitude, are at the core of Live In Style Concierge.



Live in Style Concierge OjaiPhilippe Gache / Operations Manager

Born in Paris, France, Philippe is a true bon vivant with a passion for adventure.

Philippe has spent most of his life traveling the world’s most exotic locations as a professional tennis player and tennis player-turned businessman.  After his competitive career, Philippe operated sports exhibitions in Europe, Africa and the Middle East.  His travels led him to the Caribbean, where he turned his attentions to private villa rentals.  As an executive of Luxury Villa Rentals, he offered impeccable concierge services to the most elite clientele.  The clientele of Live In Style Concierge will benefit from the unique and extensive professional experience Philippe has gathered, not to mention his charming, authentic French accent and perpetual smile.