Live In Style Concierge OjaiLive In Style Concierge is an insured and bonded lifestyle management company providing customized personal assistant services to clients so that they have more free time to enjoy the things they’d rather be doing.  We offer home preparation,  personal assistance, errand services, event planning and organization, transportation and excursion coordination.

We are the liaison to the best in local retail, entertainment and dining experiences as well as recommendations for health and wellness services.  Our goal is to help simplify your life by saving you time, energy and providing a peace of mind.

Live in Style Concierge guarantees confidentiality and discretion in all that we do.

Here is a sample list of the services we offer, but are not limited to. We’d be happy to help you if you have other requests. Please inquire.

Home Care

*            Stocking refrigerator and pantry with selected essentials prior to arrival
*            Home preparation
*            On site home checks for absentee owners
*            Point of contact for service/delivery people
*            Home organization
*            Meal preparation
*            Cleaning Services

Personal Services

*            Grocery shopping and delivery services
*            Messenger Services
*            Home Office Assistance
*            Gift Planning, Shopping and Wrapping
*            Card purchasing, writing and addressing

Event and Excursion Planning

*             Coordinating cocktail parties; picnics; luncheons; dinners
*             Weekend retreats
*             Excursions
*             Transport and Lodging arrangements